Thursday, June 25, 2009

Summer Photo Party {Tallahassee Photographer}

My friend Kim (who's moving *sniff sniff*) hosted a photo party at the lovely Maclay Gardens. As the hostess she recieved a discount for her own mini-session, while those that attended were also able to get a scream'n good deal in a very small amount of time (10-15 minutes per family).

I really love doing these parties because they can be as elaborate or simple as you want and everyone walks away with some great pictures. I mean, like, if I weren't the photographer, I would TOTALLY go to one! hee hee.

Some people ask if it's even possible to get any good photos within such a small time frame. I don't know. You tell me....

_DSC1745 copy

i'm in love with her hair clip


_DSC1784 copy

_DSC1831 copy

oh how I love this one!

_DSC1706 copy copy

arn't these kiddos insanely beautiful?


Happy 8 year Anniversary!
(so random fact here...I knew this gal's mama in Georgia when we lived there. She threw a ridiculously cool party that I attended 7 years ago. And it turns out--they were there too! small world, huh?)

_DSC1861 copy

okay, so I have to say this little diva has the most perfect rosy cheeks.


i just love feet pictures.

_DSC2098 copy

this beautiful babe did not want to be put down at all--but why should she want to if she can be held by this loving mom and dad?


_DSC2021 copy copy

no. i did not photoshop those eyes. for realz.

_DSC2111 copy copy

last but not least--our hostess with the mostess fun ever.

_DSC2192 copy

and that's a wrap!

*if you are interested in hosting a photo party, please contact me for details at*


Scott said...

so cute! I LOVE the tutu picture, it captures so many things...her weird crawl, her cute tutu and I love it.

I have to admit I didn't know you could get such great shots with my kids being so crazy.

You rock! Thanks so much!

Momma Twitch said...

Your photos are AMAZING!

Sarah in the Middle said...

Great job again. I want to come to a photo party!! I love the one with the mom and dad kissing the little girl. So cute! Her hair and eyes just crack me up. Adorable.

Cook Family said...

The little boy reminds me of the Lollypop Guild in the Wizard of Oz. He could even be the MAyor of Munchkin Land. :) Cute photos!

Cook Family said...
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