Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Rosie {Tallahassee Newborn Photographer}

I had this wooden bowl filled with fruit at home that was made by someone in my hubby's family. I decided that I would love it even more if it was filled with this:


Welcome to the world little Rose!



Do you remember her mama?

_DSC0095 copy


i'm kinda lov'n this. it's a sleeve to one of my old sweaters. what do you think?


gkgirl said...

loving these...
love the bowl, the coloring,
the sweater sleeve...
all so vintage-y and sweet...

Sarah in the Middle said...

I LOVE that last picture - everything about it is wonderful! Great idea on the bowl. I'll never look at it sitting on your counter the same way :)

Rachel said...

Carrie, I can't get enough of the last picture. The baby in your sweater sleeve! It's absolutely beautiful. I'm so happy you are doing something you are so good at.


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