Thursday, July 9, 2009

Just wondering

I am in a bit of a photography funk. Normally I would do a post like this on my personal blog, for fear of my fears getting out into the public. However, if you accept my photography you accept me... and that means all of me. The happy and not so happy.

I feel so inadequate at times with so many amazing photographers out there. Now, I am really going out on a limb here admitting this because my husband always says, "confidence is sexy."
So pardon me, but you'll have to forgive my un-sexiness.

But I wonder, what do I have to offer? I began this photography journey of mine hoping to capture my own babes. And then I fell in love with capturing yours too. The fact that I could capture that moment, the one that happens when no one else is looking, elevates my heart to a whole new level of happiness. I dance. I really do.

But lately my feelings of inadequacy have stepped into the limelight. Again, what do I have to offer as a photographer when there are so many others that can and will do better than me? Am I different enough? Am I talented enough? Am I smart enough? Frankly, am I good enough?

And really, I just don't know....


Pasion Family said...

Ohhh Carrie,
Seriously as an aspiring photographer and after viewing so many other's work, you are top of the line and your creative side brings you to a whole new level... When you lived here in Seattle (during your last few months), I heard sooo much about you and your talented self and then you moved and I was unable to use you and now (knowing that you will be here in September) all I look forward to (SERIOUSLY) is finally getting the opportunity to see how you do your amazing work! Plllleeeaaassseee don't quit or feel discouraged you have sooo much to offer- You have no idea!

Pasion Family said...

And may I also add... Would I be sooo excited about this September for someone who was not great at taking pictures-- This is your passion- Remember you also do it to capture those silly faces, and precious relationships and you do it wonderfully. Plus, some just don't get as excited (It's their personality), but you draw others into you with your passion!!!

Amanda @ notsoextraordinary said...

I think we all think that... and not just a little, we think it a lot. I do all the time. I personally think you're fantastic, and I have seen you grow a lot since I've started following you. Keep up the good work, and don't worry about feeling down, it happens :) you're still awesome!

aimee heff said...

I think every artist (and non-artist) has trouble with those feelings of inadequacy. I see my husband going through similar issues.

Forge ahead. Its like a photo-block.

You are really talented though. I show off your pictures to my husband when I am reading your blog.

Kimbie said...

Umm Carrie!
Stop this talk!
Truth is - we are all good!
Sometimes we just see it more than other times!
So keep your head up! After every wedding I shoot I stop and go- WHY AM I DOING THIS I SUCK!!!>???
Then I breathe in and look again to see that I captured beautiful moments.

don't let it sink in! You are too talented !I am so intimated by you on a weekly basis! hahahaha

gkgirl said...

i know what you mean here...
i get what you are saying...
because i catch myself
feeling the same way...

when i was only taking pictures
for myself, it was different...
but now that i am taking them
for others, now that my work
has been on display...
it feels different...
there is more pressure...

every now and then i have to
remind myself of what it felt
like when i was just doing it for
me and try to get back to that.

but it's hard.

and frankly...
i think your photos are
awesome...(as sixth grade as
it sounds for me to say "awesome")

Jen said...


You photographed my family a year ago (August.) It was the first photo session we've ever had where we all had a fun time. And when we got the proofs back, my husband and I felt that it was the first time a 'family portrait' had ever captured the connection and love between all of us. I say, with all honesty, I'm skeptical that we'll ever find a photographer we love as much as you (which makes me all the sadder that you moved out of state!)

There are THOUSANDS of photographers capable of capturing the image - you are capable of capturing that elusive, intangible thing of spirit.

People still oooh and aaah over the portraits you took of us. And they are still my most favorite pictures ever.

Stephie said...

Carrie--I cannot CANNOT believe I'm reading this on YOUR blog. I hope it doesn't weird you out--but you are idol. I think your amazing....if only I could ever be half as good as you! So quit doubting and get your sexy back! :)

Alicia said...

I aspire to take pictures like you. :) Really. You're on my blog roll and I look at your photos for inspiration before I go on a shoot... true story. :)


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