Monday, November 2, 2009


Tough Day. it wasn't just one thing, of course, because it's never just ONE thing. it's more like a snowball effect that pushes what might have otherwise been a small thing into a big thing because, well, it was the last thing. get my drift?

oh boy. snowball. drift. i am either exhausted or hilarious. let's just say both for now...


i am off to bed at this un-godly hour, so I'll leave you with a picture that brought a smile to my face while editing tonight.

something about the jumble of hands and feet and family makes my snowball turned avalanche turn into a happy winter ice skating scene.

yes. it's time for bed.


yay for cute families with great hands and feet!


Pasion Family said...

Oh Boy- Do I love it more!

gkgirl said...

great shot...
and hope today is a better day for you!

Relyn said...

Hello. GKGirl says, "Hi." by the way. I found my way to you from her blog. She's right. I do love the pictures. This one is so fantastic! Thanks for the smiles it brought. And, hello.


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