Saturday, November 7, 2009

Christmas Give-Away Winner!

Oh man, this was such a difficult choice for me. Your entries were all so amazing. I wish I could give everyone this gift. But in the end, I went with my gut.

Presenting the 2009 Christmas Give-Away Winner:

The Venegas Family

Submission by Emily:

I have a wonderful family in mind! I have a dear friend who has this beautiful little family. When I say beautiful, I don't just mean on the outside, but on the inside too. They have suffered some serious challenges in the past couple of years, but that has never stopped them from having a positive outlook, loving life, and still serving others.

They are the Vanegas Family and they are comprised of Jairo, Melanie, and Ethan. Jairo was diagnosed with a brain tumor about 4 years ago, had surgery, underwent chemotherapy and radiation, and made it through. Since that time he and Melanie have taken the opportunity to show how precious life is through their actions. They have raised money for Lance Armstrong's LiveStrong charity, Melanie kept going to school and finished her nursing degree throughout the ordeal so that she could help others, and then despite Jairo’s diagnosis, they did not want to wait to have a child and used invitro fertilization to have their son, Ethan.

Every 6 months or so, Jairo has to have tests run to see if the cancer has returned. I know these appointments must be terrifying, but they keep their chins up. They could question God, feel like He is being unfair, and ask why them, but instead, they both serve as youth leaders in at church, and are ALWAYS willing to give a helping hand to those around them AND with a smile.

Unfortunately, they were dealt more difficult news recently. Melanie's mother now has cancer. Despite the fear and this scary time they are enduring, they continue to smile, to live life to the fullest, to be great people. They have trust in God and truly feel blessed despite all their challenges. They don't ever say much about what they have gone through or continue to go through. In fact, they would probably be embarrassed if they knew I was doing this, but I SWEAR, they are the most deserving people I know. I admire them so much and would love to give them this gift for Christmas! Please choose would make my day and my holiday season! Thank you!

If you want to read more about Jairo’s story, check this link out.

Melanie recently mentioned she would love to have some family pictures taken. When I saw your giveaway, I knew I had to enter them. If there are any people deserving of something like this, it is them. I hope you know I am not entering them just because Jairo had cancer or that Melanie’s Mom has it now, but because of how they have responded to their trials. They are truly people who know how to dance in the rain…great for Seattle-ites, don’t you think? Thanks for your consideration.

Sincerely, Emily Nedry

Thank you Emily for your sweet submission! I am so excited to photograph the Venegas family and yours:) Have them and yourself contact me at and we'll set up your sessions.

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The Nedrys said...

Oh my goodness! I screamed with happiness when I saw that my friends got picked! Thank you so much, Carrie! I just can't stop smiling!


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