Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Christmas Give-Away

I have been contemplating doing a Christmas give-away, but my mind keeps whirling in a different direction; a direction that brings more peace to me than any other.

I love to give. I swear, the joy it brings me to see (or read) that smile is overwhelming at times! It brings happiness, and love, and I really believe that is what this season is about.

Remember the words, "It is more blessed to give than to receive".... Well today, I would like to not only give myself the chance to GIVE, but I would like to give YOU the chance as well.


The Carrie Stroud Photography Christmas Give-Away!

Please submit the name and story of a family that you believe deserves to receive a


Photo Shoot
Digital CD of all high resolution images
25 Christmas custom made Christmas cards with envelopes
(Value $475)

Here's how you enter:

Send me an email to carriestroud@gmail.com with their name, picture (if possible) and a short story/synopsis of why they are deserving to win. THEN, blog about or facebook this giveaway and then leave me a comment to let me know that you did it. Deadline to submit is November 4th.

The family needs to be Seattle-based--since that is where I am at now.

On November 1st I will post the families from your emails, and then I will choose the winner on November 6th.
P.S. Whoever submits the family to recieve the Christmas Give-Away with me will ALSO recieve a FREE mini-session (30 min) with me as well as any other print products (that includes the cd) at 50% off! So-- definite incentive to give!

Let the gift-giving begin!


gkgirl said...

this is a fantastic idea!!

good for you!

Shannon said...

can i submit my own name :)... humm maybe I'll have Aimee submit our family.

Great idea!

Mommy #1 said...

Oh, man! I have the perfect family. But they don't live in Seattle. Too bad. Great, great idea though! You're awesome!

The Nedrys said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Nedrys said...

I did it! I emailed you their story with a picture, and posted on my blog about your giveaway! Thank you for doing this. It is such a neat idea and whoever wins will be so blessed by it!

The Nedrys said...

I deleted my other comment with the story in case my friend comes and looks...I don't want them to know unless they win.

love, sara said...

just sent one in :)

Erin said...

just submitted mine. :)


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