Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Falling for new friends

Here's how it went:

I was in the checkout at the Gap the morning after I arrived in Seattle. I was rushed. I was disheveled. I was exhausted. I was recognized.

When I gave my zipcode, since it was still a Florida one, a woman behind me suddenly said,

"Are you Carrie Stroud?"

I turned around. "Yes" -- and my inner voice said, "Yahoo I must be famous!"

But no, not really:)

"I'm Andrea!"

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I said. Andrea who has been emailing me for the past year. Andrea who has been super complimentary of my work. Andrea who has become a great photographer herself and is so excited to learn more and more each day. I love Andrea.

However, I was so rushed so I blubbered something stupid and said see ya and ran out the door.

Thankfully, she still liked me anyway.

Fast forward to our get together. An adorable family shoot and teaching session. They are the coolest and cutest bunch ever. Andrea has a great camera and simply wants to take better pictures of her family, so I was able to show her a few of my techinques. Her daughters were the perfect models too. I really can't believe I get paid to have that much fun!


_DSC0336 copy copy

this gal would not smile. but does she need to with that sweet face?


_DSC0323 copy copy



I about died when I saw these glorious fall colors.


Milkshake break. Mandatory.

Isn't she so cool?

Thank you my new friend!


Pasion Family said...

Oh MY Goodness!!! I am more than in love with these pictures- Thank you, thank you, thank you Carrie!!!

Cook Family said...

I am so glad you know Andrea! She was in my ward in Fairwood. She is the one who had the Shower for me when I was pregnant with Cam. She is awesome huh!

Sarah in the Middle said...

Yay - Coulon Pics :) Carrie is back.

gkgirl said... friends rock!


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