Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Sun-filled Wedding

It was pouring down rain as I drove to the Jardin de Sol in Snohomish.  The sky was dark gray--the kind of gray that doesn't let sunlight through even within a few hours.  About a mile from my destination I noticed a traffic jam.  I was thankfully early, but traffic was barely moving due to a serious accident ahead.  When I finally arrived, everyone else was late due to the elements and I had no idea how this outdoor wedding was even going to work.  There was no back-up plan, so everyone crossed their fingers for the rain to let up.  And miraculously, it did!  The moment the bridal party began to get ready the skies cleared and the sun peaked out.  It was incredible.  And even more incredible?  This couple!  So awesome.  So relaxed.  So no-fuss.  So happy.  They had already created this adorable human being and their love had been set from the get go.  It was such a confident love.  I didn't notice any jitters or stress...just love and adoration for the sweet little family they had officially become.  It was wonderful to see.


Such a gorgeous bride!



I love her grandpa's head peeking out before he took her down the aisle.



The flowers were so simple and dramatic--perfect for a September wedding.



Isn't her hairpiece dreamy?


I loved the bride taking the little ones for a ride during the reception.


First dance


And look what they had already made! A very sun-filled and happy beginning...



Pasion Family said...

The images are perfect. Great work Carrie!!

Aimee said...

GOREGOUS Bride. Such a fun hair piece.

Love those pictures, Carrie. They are lucky you captured the day. So happy the sun came out.


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