Monday, June 13, 2011

Just So Dang Cute

Our first location didn't pan out too well (bummer because we traveled a bit,)  but who would have thought to see if Maple Valley Days was happening on the exact day that you wanted to hang out at a park?
Lucky for us, a random stop on the way home proved to turn out just fine.

LOVE this family. 

Can you get over her little feet in these sweet sandles?

This little man was a tad bit grouchy...but I think those big brown eyes made up for it!


Hello Lovers.


Can I get one in her size? Her darling pink bow and grin made me a bit baby hungry.



 I have never seen reverse psychology in better action. This was a "Don't smile!" moment.
He certainly did the opposite;)

Thanks guys!  You are awesome.


Kristen said...

Thanks for being so patient and understanding with Ty. You did a great job! It takes serious talent to pull out some nice shots of a "tad bit grouchy" kid. I was sure he wrecked the entire session, but these are really cute. Thanks!

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