Saturday, May 21, 2011

You know the kind of people that you hang out with simply because you feel better about yourself when you do?  That's them.  It's happy vibes all the way. They are incredibly cool and talented (check out their shop) and gosh darnit...just good looking.  

And can you get a load of this toothless grin?  Adorable.



It was a really relaxing session as we strolled along a darling Seattle neighborhood and I loved every moment of it. It was also an especially exciting day because their sweet babe got his first taste of donut-y sugar via my request to eat sweets and be cool while I take a picture. Ahhhh..the sacrifices we must all make.







Isn't Aimee so approachable?  ;)


Thanks guys!  You rock.


Pasion Family said...

I love them all!!!

Shannon said...

these pictures turned out SO SO great! Aimee and I have often said how great you are at photography.

I do agree they are a happy happy family. They ooze love and happiness.


Sunshine Promises said...

Oh Carrie . . . Aimee! . . . THESE ROCK! What a gift to capture those tender moments and stages that are all-too fleeting! SO happy to know you both and call you my friends. Love you.

Lisa said...

Great shots of a beautiful family inside and out! You did a great job of capturing who they are. (Aimee is my younger sister.)

Sizzle said...

Fantastic shots! I agree- they are good people and so fun to hang out with.

Aimee said...

Love the ones of my boys :)

melanie said...

LOVE these pics Aimee. Good reminder too to do this for my own familia.


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