Saturday, September 18, 2010

Magic in the Rain {Seattle Photography Workshop}

Truly, the photography workshop that I taught turned out to be great.
(Can I even call it teaching? It was so easy and relaxed.)
Just hoping my students agree.

It was a lovely group of budding photographers that made magic in the Seattle rain.  So glad I could be a part of it!  We hit downtown Renton for our photo shoot/workshop and then ended the night at Common Ground Coffee and Cupcakes (my favorite.)  Hope everyone had as much fun as I did!

Here are some of my faves (for now) from our "model" family...
They never fail to be gorgeous. 

and for dessert...

***If anyone is interested in attending a workshop, let me know and I might do another in the future. 

That is...pending I get good feedback. *wink*wink*


Kristie said...

AWESOME. of course! I loved how willing you were to just share everything you knew and help us all reach higher, and be smarter about how we take photos. All the tips were really helpful, not to mention the experience of doing a real shoot with a (patient, beautiful, easy-going, obviously loving) family. It was very laid back, and that's such an easy way to learn, I thought it was perfect. Absolutely more than worth the money.

And thanks for the cupcake. :)

Pasion Family said...

Love them Carrie... I want some of your magic perfomed on my family :)


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