Thursday, July 29, 2010

Photography Workshop Offered (Finally!)

Okay folks....I'm offering a class to those who are wanting to get a bit more familiar with your SLR and my photography techniques.

I am NOT an expert, but I do have my own self-taught approach.  If you like my style, and simply want to learn how to take better photos of your family or are starting up a business for yourself, this might be fun for you.

Class is 2 hours plus an optional 1 hour treat/chat session afterwards for any other questions.

We will be covering:
  • How to break out of the rut and use your manual exposure
  • Natural lighting techniques
  • Shooting an actual family photo session with an actual real live family! :)
  • Editing (I don't do much so this is not a photoshop how-to)
Cost:  $75 per person
Date: September 18th (time of day will be announced)
Where:  Seattle (exact location to be announced)

It should be lots of fun!  There is a 5 person minimum.  Email 

PS.  I'm on the lookout for the perfect family to be our guinea pigs.  You have to be gorgeous.  And up for anything.  You'll get a freeeee shoot--  applications are currently being accepted.


The Nedrys said...

Count me in!

Erin said...

whew whoooo!

Pasion Family said...

I am so glad you are doing this- I loved my mentoring session with you- It was valuable and fun!
I don't think I could be the family- My husband wouldn't cooperate for this gig.

Kristie said...

Awesome, I am doing this! No longer will my camera be such a mystery to me! :)


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