Sunday, December 27, 2009

family fun

PHEW. 2 parents. 7 kiddos. 5 spouses. 8 grandchildren. I'm exhausted.

No really, they were fabulous to work with and always have been. There are so many funny connections. Tara and I went to church together until they moved to the Big Apple. We also bought their car. That's a fun fact that I am sure all my readers wanted to know. Tara's mom-in-law works with my favorite bride ever Erin, which we did not discover until a couple weeks ago. Vivian is close friends with the ultra-talent Andrea whom I adore. I feel like I am famous because everyone knows me. I am famous, right?

Oh, and they are all MODELS. And their spouses are flipp'n gorgeous too. I showed up sick, with no make-up on and a heavy puffy coat while they showed up GORGEOUS. Whose photo shoot was this anyway? Talk about intimidation. But since I have great self-esteem, I got over it by chanting "I have self-esteem" over and over and over again.


kerr family


Here's miss Tara with her darling babe. Who is suddenly all grown up with hair. Which we are all very excited about

kerr family

And here is Vivian with her man. I love the intimacy of this photo. And gorgeous children. All of them.

kerr family

These two were hilario. I figured, since they were all models we should do a photo shoot like one. They were angry, and sad, and shocked. And this is the shot in between where she is laughing at her super hero man.
I love it.

kerr family

And I ALMOST posted the jazz hands picture of all of them. But I'm being nice. Unless I decide to not be nice one day. Which is a very big possibility. Just ask my husband.

Wish I could post more, but remember that I am sick and exhausted and intimidated er-I mean-totally not intimidated because I have to stare at such gorgeous people while I am editing.

Thank you lovely Kerr Family. You made my day.

(I have self-esteem. I have self-esteem. I have self-esteem. I have self-esteem.)


Vickie said...

You do have self-esteem and thank you for being so patient with us. This will be a photo shoot that we will remember for a long time on many levels. One, it is the first time we have all been together in several years. Second, the morning just seemed to have everything that could go wrong do so including two being very sick and one of the little ones running into the corner of a table as we were leaving for the shoot and getting a gorgeous black eye. But the most important thing was that we had a great photographer and friend immortalize the event for us. Thank you, Carrie!!!

Tara said...

These are so great! I can't wait to see the rest of the batch! You are so talented!!!

Oh, and I've had to tell myself the same thing over and over since marrying into this family!

Jen said...

It should be said that you've improved greatly upon what you were given to work with - it took me a few seconds to realize that woman in the first photo is me! Incredible pictures - I can't wait to see the rest, as I'm already smitten with what you've posted here.

Dane and I were wondering how you would ever top the first photo shoot we had with you back in August 2008, but this just goes to show you're amazing EVERY time. I hope you plan on staying in the area for a good long while because I just don't see how we'll ever be satisfied with any other photographer after you. :)

Vickie said...

I agree with Jenni. I was sooooo sad when you moved to Florida and soooo glad when I heard you had moved back and soooo thrilled when you said you were free during Christmas to photograph the family!! You have such a talent to catch natural pictures that really capture the moment. Our youngest, Jadon, loves pictures and can't stop looking at the blog and saying "wow!" to which I echo "WOW!" Thanks again for sharing your wonderful talents with our family. We are truly blessed tp have you as a friend.

Pasion Family said...

I LOVE them and I expected to LOVE them- Your work is fabolous. You put people right in their moment and that is what makes you GREAT!

sarah moore said...

oh my gosh you a great phototgrapher i love th first one the littel girls hat reall contrast's with the nuteral background which makes it pop i really like it !


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