Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Yesterday my son turned to me in the car and said, "I'm mad!" I had to laugh for a couple reasons: 1)he's just starting to be able to communicate in a feeling/talking sort of way and 2)his face was so serious and his response so random that I couldn't help but laugh.

His mad-ness made me think about how things are going for me right now. Good, in fact. Except for one teeny tiny huge problem.

My computer crashed. Ugh. Pictures are safe-- no worries! However, I have been computer-less for almost a week now (writing this post at work in fact) and it is driving me insane. I can't edit your pictures. I can't give sneak peeks. I can't upload your proofs to your gallery to view. I am stuck and I am mad.

So for now, please accept my apology for my lateness for all of these things. My computer is getting fixed, but also taking too long in my book. Soon.. .I promise!!

And for now, it's okay if you are mad too:)


Pasion Family said...

OH I AM FURIOUS! (hehehe)

gkgirl said...


and i hope your computer is all better soon!!

McKenna said...

lol Tasha's computer actually crashed right after our wedding so our pics took a while too. Odd...

Erin said...

yay kai!! (and boo computers!)


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