Monday, November 10, 2008

Georgia on my mind

I had the super cool opportunity to go back to Columbus, Ga and take some pictures of some old friends. I LOVE this family. I know, I know..I love a lot of families. But seriously, I adore these guys (and girl). I have been friends with everyone--I mean cousins and moms and dads and aunts and uncles since I married into the Stroud's. And the Stroud's have been friends with everyone for forever and a day. So when Leanna said, "Hey--can you take our pictures when you are in town?" I totally jumped at the opportunity and made a quick trip up there just for them (oh-and to celebrate my daughter's b-day with my in-laws too:)

Here you go Leanna--you blog stalker you! I hope you love them:)

Oh my gosh these boys are so cute. I remember babysitting them when they were little, and now they are so grown up and I definitely think more adorable than ever before.

I might get in serious trouble for putting this on here--but it made me laugh so hard so I just couldn't help it!

1 comment:

Leanna said...

Aww....thank you! Now I'm dying to see the rest. That is hilarious of us jumping, and look how tight Sam is squeezing Ben, with his fist. Love or torture or both?


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