Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Flowers in her everywhere...

A sneak peek for my sis-in-law Jacie...

My sis-in-law just started her business LaNae Bloom and I got to take pictures of her super cute headbands and clips (on some super cute models)!

These headbands are adorable and so versatile. Each flower clip can be changed from being clipped to the headband to a full head of hair! You can get multiple looks for your baby or big sis without having to buy multiple headbands. So if you buy 1 headband and 1 flower clip, you can use the flower for the headband or just solo in her hair. Better yet, imagine how many looks you can get when you buy multiple flowers!
Her headbands come in black and white and are super stretchy and soft for that babe of yours. And a huge array of sizes and colors of flowers. I love the pearls, crystals and buttons that she uses in each center. They look darling.

You can contact her at
Can I say Merry Christmas?? (hint*hint)


Sarah said...

These are some of the cuter ones I've seen - maybe it's just the great pics, though :)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the pics on your page! You do a great job! I know it makes it easier when you have a passion for it. Heather Jones in GA :) now Belcher

Scott said...

Your website is amazing! You are SO talented. I've had fun looking at all your pictures. I wish I could do what you do.

So, I started making these bows for Elle, but I can't find flowers like this. Do you know where she gets them?

See you tomorrow!



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