Saturday, April 5, 2008


Here's the "Fabulous Fulton Family" again! Baby girl #2 is due in 4 weeks! Truly one of my favorite maternity photo shoots ever! They always do whatever I think is best in every photo shoot--so I just LOVE getting creative. This family is so beautiful--they honestly take my breath away!

I usually always have "1 shot" that I think about before each upcoming shoot. I sketched out this umbrella pose about 3 weeks beforehand and then searched for the perfect umbrella to make it work. I finally found this pink one that works beautifully since Sarah is having a girl! I really think it turned out better than I had envisioned!

What a sexy mama!

I have known Sarah for over 2 years now and taken many pictures of her, but I have honestly never seen her look so beautiful! Motherhood is truly her calling in life and she just glows.

We laughed that Juli couldn't stay away from the camera and wanted to be in every shot.

Juli wanted us to look at her belly too!

We decided to do some traditional maternity photos as well, so we headed indoors for some fabulous window light.

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Agnes Minerva said...

GREAT photos, Carrie! I adore the pink umbrella and the BABY blocks; and look - my living room is famous! :)


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