Thursday, April 24, 2008


What a fabulous treat it was to photograph sweet Keoni's auntie, uncle, and cousins before they head back to Oahu! They had this amazing energy and their children were so beautiful. I had to stop myself from taking pictures because I could have spent the entire day photographing them!

Oh my gosh, could this family be any cuter?

I just loved this picture of mama kissing the baby's feet. So sweet.

Ary is so gorgeous--and so much to fun to be around! She just loved getting her picture taken, and with a face like that, who could blame her?

Malakye's brown eyes completely melted my heart.

Thank you so much for letting me take pictures of your wonderful family Ana and Ken! You guys were amazing! I have also decided that since I have photographed your family, I am now entitled to come stay with you in Hawaii! Don't worry...I'll only stay a month...or a year... or something like that:)

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Angie said...

Hi Carrie, I just wanted to post a comment to let you know how awesome I think your photos are! So much more fun to see than boring studio posed photos!


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