Friday, December 9, 2011

Gorgeous Family + the Utah State Capitol

This gorgeous family was the reason I went to Utah for Thanksgiving!  Belinda sent me a teasing message that I should come and take her family pictures since all her siblings and parents would be there over the weekend.  I said, "Why not?"  and so I loaded my kids and hubby up and we hit the road!  As a bonus to our adventure, we were able to see my in-laws and have Thanksgiving with them.  It was SUCH a great weekend and I am anxious to do it again someday soon. Thanks for inviting me Lenhard Fam!   


We did something really new-to-me and photographed at the State Capitol in Salt Lake City.  It was a large group with extended family and knowing the weather might be bad, she set it up for us to do it there just in case we needed to go inside.  Isn't the stone so pretty?  I absolutely love how their bright clothes look against it!












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