Sunday, February 13, 2011

Fabulous 1 year old session + the one where I ripped my pants

What does one do exactly once they have discovered that they have ripped their pants? Having never experienced this madness before, I have to ask...

Ready for a good laugh?  You got it!

Picture this:  I'm on the ground crawling around like I normally do when I am photographing babies (you aren't paying me to be pretty, after all;)  My pants get dirty, my knees get scraped, I get a light cardio workout and it's the usual fun and active photo session sha-bang.  And then I hear it.  A rip.  I'm pretty sure it's discreet...but upon further investigation I recognize the fact that this could be very very bad.  Problem is...I'm not exactly sure when it first happened?  I know the extent of the damage now, but when did it begin?  Was it when I was lunging up and down and chasing this sweet babe on the grass?  Was it when I was crawling flat on my stomach in the road?  Was it when I asked this cute family to excuse me while I did a back flip for fun?  Er...wait...maybe that wasn't this time...

But regardless,  I ripped my pants and well...I felt a little bit embarrassed.  Maybe.  Kinda.  Definitely.  But then I had a choice to make.  I could either point it out and flaunt my rip like the dare-devil in me and we could all gather 'round the campfire laughing over chai tea, or I could discreetly pretend that they didn't notice and leave like nothing had ever happened.  I chose to leave like nothing had ever happened.  And I am pretty sure they were cool with that. 

You guys were cool with that, right?

Ahhh...I love my job.  Totally worth it.

Even though they WERE my favorite pants.   heehee.

I just might be a tad jealous of these lusciously long eyelashes!

This kiddo was incredibly good. And well, need I say how adorable?

GORGEOUS couple.

Definitely worth it.
Still...I might be doing a Nacho Libre thing from now on.  Stretchy pants it is!

And have you seen this?  My husband and kiddos said I should share it.  Good idea;)

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Sarah in the Middle said...

Ahhh - so funny! (and the SpongeBob song is what I was singing in my head as soon as I read the title. Good call Aaron :)
Amazing pictures, as always!!


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