Thursday, April 1, 2010

I'm back! {Seattle Portait Photographer}

_DSC0024 copy

Miss me? I hope so! I have taken a much needed break because of job relocation, etc! But now I am back in the saddle. Back to doing what I love... but with possible changes this year.

So, here's a chance to give feedback and advice on the questions I have for you!

1) Website: Would you like it updated? Is information easy to follow and navigate through?

2) Pricing: Would you like the cd automatically added in the session price (reducing the price a bit), or do you prefer to have the option separate?

3) Classes: I am considering offering a "shadowing session" for a small group in the Seattle area. The class would include how to's with manual exposure, natural lighting techniques, and simply how a photo shoot for me is "attacked," regardless of who it is for and the location. We will actually be doing a photo shoot, allowing first hand experience.

Okay folks! Now it's time to be happy again! I'm back.

_DSC0025 copy


Erin said...

yay, yay and yay!!! i love the website (but am slightly biased because a)there are tons of my amazing wedding photos on it and b)our recessional song "over the rainbow" plays while i watch). personally, adding the cd would be great because i love being able to access the photographs when i want. finally, TEACH A CLASS! as you already know, i'll be the first to sign up for it! yay!

The Nedrys said...

I would love to come to any classes you decide to do! I think adding the cd into the price would be good because most people want to print them when they want to print them, sometimes at the last minute...not that I am speaking from experience or anything ;) I think maybe if you had two package options, one with the cd including in the cost, and one without that way people on both sides would be happy. I don't know if that helped you any. I also like your website and think it is well done and the information is pretty straight forward.

AJ said...

I love, love, love your website. I am often surprised by how much emotion your photos invoke in me.

I like the idea of two package options - with and without the cd

I would love to take classes from you for several reasons. You have an amazing eye and I appreciate the way your mind works. Your photos are brilliant! Most importantly you are awesome to spend time with and I think any class you teach would be a great learning experience in addition to being a huge amount of fun.


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