Thursday, December 3, 2009

Movement {Seattle Family Photographer}

The only time I can do photoshoots these days is Saturday and the only time I can edit during the week is late at night. I work from 9am until 6pm, then it's home for dinner and kid time and bedtime and spouse time and then finally edit time. My plate right now is full and sometimes I feel weary about the rush of this season.

In this moment though, when I am oh-so-tired, my eyes tear up in gratitude to be editing this session.

It was an odd one at first. Super cold and rainy. The kids were not too happy. Shy but sweet, and although I did not care if they were shy, I did care that they were uncomfortable. And so I asked Mama for a re-shoot. "Let me get the kids in their element, at home, in their happy place where they can be themselves," I said.

It was a sacrifice on my part, to drive so far, give up my very spare family time, and do it all over again. But it was so worth it!

There is a photography secret that we all hopefully vow not to break. Whatever you do, only post your BEST photos. Never post those that are imperfect. But sometimes I wonder what is truly my best? My answer is ones that move me.


and some from our first session....



aimee heff said...

Love that picture. I would love to have such a beautiful picture with my child.

dailymarkie said...

you talk of movment, and that is exactly what you have done to me. consider me your biggest fan for i have looked through your pictures and have smiled, cried, and laughed dozens of times. thank you for your talent, what a great gift it must be to MOVE people. for you have ertaintly done this for me.


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