Thursday, May 28, 2009

Today is the day

So this AM I woke up and ran to my computer screen to see myself featured on Little Birdie Secrets. I have been insanely excited, to say the least, for a few reasons. For one, I am being featured for a giveaway--and who doesn't love those? I sure do. Like...a lot.

For two, this blog is one I check often because they have fantastic tips and tricks on how to make things. And I love to fake people out. Like I just came up with a genius craft idea on my own. Boy, I had you fooled, didn't I?

For three, well, how cool is it to be featured? I'm feeling some major happy vanity here.

However, I went to check out myself this morning when I realized that I wasn't up yet. They are having a week of giveaway's and multiple ones go up each day. So sometime today I'll be on. But then I started thinking..which is never a good thing...

-maybe they chickened out
-maybe they suddenly thought, "hey--she's not THAT cool, so let's forget about her."
-maybe they'll put me on and have nothing good to say about me. I'll be the only post with an "oh ya-here's this photographer--so you can try to win a session from her if you want--but you don't have to--whatev."

Or maybe I'll just be patient and wait for the day to go on and get over myself. haha.

Crazy excited over here.


gkgirl said...

just found you via little birdie
and have to say,
i knew before i even clicked
on your blog
that i would be adding you
to my list of favorites...
those photos featured on little birdies totally ROCK.

congratulations on being featured
and i'll definitely be back!

Alicia said...

Found ya from LBS! I'm an "aspiring" photographer, and just think your work is incredible!!

Emily said...

That's so cute that you love the site as much as all of us and you were nervous about them deciding not to post your giveaway. Because like, really. Have you seen the comments on the LBS post? Your photos are amazing! Everyone loves them!

I'm interested to know about your availability in Northern Utah...are there certain months or weekends that you're in the area, or what? How far in advance do people usually need to set appointments with you? I see that you'll be here mid-June, but I'm wondering about fall...

Little Birdie Secrets said...

So sorry to cause stress. We love ya and think you are one talented gal. We are not the only ones. Did you see all the comments? Holy Cow!!


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