Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I have been getting some fabulous emails from some soon-to-be-famous-photographers and just-wanna-shoot-good-photos folks. So, I thought it might be fun to open up this post for some questions. I wouldn't be where I am today had I not asked other photographers how to do things or for their advice, and quite frankly, I still ask them. Whatever you want to know about me, my style, my stuff etc, ask away. I'll answer them in the next post:)

And if no one wants to ask anything... then I'll just pretend I never wrote this and hit a sad "delete post" button. No big deal:(


Heidi said...

I have a question i'd like to ask you. First i want to tell you that since looking at your pictures you have inspired me to pick my camera back up try to make it a hobby again :) For my question... i love to use natural light but i am having trouble with shadows. what's the best way to avoid that. I know avoiding really sunny days but sometimes that's a little hard to avoid in ga. lol

Matt and Michelle Ray said...

Okay Carrie, I got your back. I know everyone loves a nice comment! First, how did you get into photography, did you take a class... would a community college class be worth it for someone that likes to dabble? Also, and I think I probably know the answer to this, but, how do you focus in on something up close and make everything in the background blurry? I love that look!

Oh, and if you ever come up to the Washington DC area, we can hook you up with a place to stay for... say a photograhpy session... think about it!

Momma Twitch said...

Here's a question...my boy, Caleb, NEVER stays still for a picture. I'd say a good 95% of the pictures I take of him are a blur. How do I avoid that and what settings are best for an active kid?

Momma Twitch said...

Oooh, I just thought of another one. What kind of camera do you have and how long did it take you to figure out how to use it?

Sarah in the Middle said...

Yup - I was going to ask the "up close in focus and everything else blurry" question too. In dummy terms :)
And what settings do you usually use for shooting kids at play?

Anonymous said...

Some of your stuff (for instance the bicycle shot) is on bricks and siding - do you really find odd colored backgrounds or do you Photoshop??

Curious - do you have a favorite, taking pics of kids, pregnant women, families, abstract??

Erin said...

I have a question. Will you shoot my wedding next weekend? Oh wait, YOU ARE!! So incredibly pumped about that, in case I hadn't mentioned it previously. ;)

Lolly said...

Here is a good question....when you were in high school you used to drive around the countryside with an amazing friend. Whenever you two would see something incredible you would stop the car, get out, and yell something at the top of you lungs, do you remember what it was....?

J.L Schofield, Independent Scentsy Consultant said...

Hi, Carrie:
What lenses do you use and for what types of photos? (55mm and what else?) Also, how do you get the "fish eye" look? Do you have a special lens for that?
What size of memory card would you recommend using when shooting in RAW? Do you ALWAYS shoot in RAW?
What time of day do you think is the best to take photos outside?
What about inside photos when the lighting is terrible? What do you do when you can't go to a better-lit area?
Do you ever shoot on AUTO, or do you always use Manual?
I LOVE That you are willing to open up to questions from your readers! Thank you!!!

kladle said...

So, is it possible to take really great pictures with a point and shoot digital camera? We just bought the Canon PowerShot SX110 IS and in all the reviews it said this is pretty good for not being SLR and comparable. So, how do I make it work to my advantage? Better yet, don't you want to teach a photography class here in good ole' Tally? Thanks Carrie! You are amazing!

Parker said...

I love that you're doing this! How does one go about designing a logo on photoshop?

Little Feet said...

Hi! I just found your blog from Little Birdie Secrets, I saw you were going to have a question and answer and I was hoping I could still get one in...actually...I have 2 questions. How do you get the eyes to pop so much? I love the photos of the little girl with cake all over her face and her eyes are such a vivid blue. How do you capture that? (I have a little boy that will be diving into cake in a month & I would love to photograph that) Also, what kind of camera do you use? Thanks so much! I love your work!

Stacy of KSW said...

HI Carrie,
Just found your site via Little Birdie Secrets (I love your work) I was wondering if you could tell me how you go about clearing distractions in your shots. For instance, you go to a shoot in someones home and take amazing photos by the windows using natural light. How do you keep all of the electric outlets, window ledges, chair legs, etc out of the photo? Can you tell me a little about your fave props and backdrops and how you work with them?

Thanks, can't wait to see the answers to all these questions.

The Van Leeuwen Family said...

First I just have to say that I've admired your work for some time I think it's just amazing & inspiring!

My question is, I see you come to Northen Utah occasionally. Where are some of your favorite locations to shoot at here in Northern Utah?

I'd also like to know what camera and lenses do you use (I find it fascinating for some reason)?

I LOVE how vibrant your pictures are, is that how they come shot or do you tweak to make them that vibrant?

And then can you describe your post processing process, where you start, what you edit/what you don't, and what your favorite actions/filters/brushes/etc. may be? Post Process is something that I struggle with, is there anything you'd recommend to help it go smoother?

Next time you're in Utah could I assist you on a shoot?

Sorry I'm asking a bunch of questions - I truly love that you're willing to answer questions as many photographers that I've asked aren't so willing.



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