Monday, March 2, 2009

Oh Happy Day

_DSC0070-2 copy
mmmmmm...this little boy is just delicious to look at, don't you think?
_DSC0127 copy
Oh, what a cute family! Yen found me on and I'm so glad she did!
Their little one was so active and so fun to photograph.
_DSC0120 copy
Don't you love how he's just hang'n out?
_DSC0015 copy
I cannot get enough shots of mama's kissing their babies!


Dre Drea & Drew said...

I love your work. When are you comming to Georgia...I know that your swamped and have a lot of trips planned but I can't help myself...your pretty darn good.

Dre Drea & Drew said...

Ok Carrie, I like the sound of that. I will get on my horse and try to find you some new clients...Thanks


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