Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Year Perfection

What a gorgeous family! Seriously, can my job get any better?

oh good gosh. I'm leap'n for joy with this one!

I know it was a long wait for this little girl to join the family, but don't you think it was worth it? ...and the love between them is adorable... oh heck... it's beautiful.
_DSC2307 copy


Wanna guess how old this trendy little gal is? You wouldn't believe me if I told you.
She's simply lovely.



kladle said...

Oh my gosh! I LOVE them! How are we possibly going to be able to decide which pictures to get? Especially since this is only a few of them. You ROCK! They are just fabulous! Very talented lady you are! Thanks so much for doing this.

Tracy said...

I'm Kathy's SIL from utah...and I just want to know if you can come here :)

Seriously, these are fabulous pics!

Percy2626 said...

Awesome photos! Now I know what you look like K. What a beautiful family! You are lucky to have had such an awesome photographer take your photos.


pop said...

These are absolutely wonderful pics. Can't decide which ones are best, altho I am a bit biased towards my "grand" granddaughters!

Kimberly said...

I love the family picture with everyone smiling and laughing. It so perfectly captures the love and joy in that wonderful family! Gorgeous pictures!

The Jaggar Family said...

These are definitely great pictures! As I told you you're reeling me in. I meantioned you in my blog too!! So if I win the give-away then I can definitely have AMAZING pictures that eveyone will loooove. But if I don't I'll find a way...haha. Oh and we should definitely have a playdate sometime!!

J-Dub said...

I really like the pics of the husband and wife in the shopping cart and the one where she is kissing her husband from the table top. That one is spicy!

Christine said...

I've seen many of your photos and I absolutely love your style. I especially love your pregnancy photos like the ones of your friend, Kristie - I wish I had found you before I had my three boys. :(

I would love to have you capture my family on film when you're here in Seattle. Free would be a WONDERFUL bonus!

Marilyn said...

Hi, remember me? I'm Janice's mom who used to live inSeattle. You came over and did a photo shoot of her baby Addison and they are my favorite. :)

Your photography is wonderful. How sweet you are giving a photo shoot away.
I remembered how you worked with Addison who so wanted to cry and you were very patient and got some great pictures.
I would love to win you shoot--I am writing a book and I will have to have a photo to my publisher, just think, it could be one you took. I live in Utah (sorry to say), I want to be near the coast.
Give Ky a hug for me.


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