Saturday, January 24, 2009

And the winner is....

who wrote "I would love to win this! I had a semi-photo shoot with just my pregnant belly and my son this last summer and now I have a cute 3 month old that could be added to the mix! I really love your abilities as a photographer Carrie, your pictures and ideas are priceless."

Congratulations! I will schedule your photo session with you in Seattle this summer. I can't wait! Especially since I get to meet the newest addition!

*By the way, I was in awe of the applause I received in your comments and on your blogs. Some serious tear-jerker praise there. Thank you all so very very much.


kladle said...

Congrats Kassie! There are now many jealous people!

Tara said...

When will you be in Seattle? Jon and I want to go up there sometime this summer. It would be so fun to see you!

Jen said...

As I'm related to both Kassie and Tara (and Vivian) would you mind letting me know when you're in town as well? I'd love to get into your schedule if at all possible! Thanks!


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