Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I have moved to Tallahassee, Florida! I am sad to be away from the beautiful Seattle area and my loyal clients, but I am also thrilled to experience this gorgeous year-round weather. Considering I shoot with natural light, I definitely think so much sun will only enhance my mad photo skills. Along with my bike skills, and nunchuck skills etc. (oh come on, you have to know that line from Napoleon Dynamite!)

But here's some fun news..I will be back in Seattle Mid-December for some shoots. Soooooo, shoot me an email and I can put you on my schedule if you are just dying for me to take your pictures. And I know you are. You must be in such agony. But don't worry. I will be back to say hello again soon:) And I will try to bring you some sun. Or you can at least view my fabulous sun tan. I'm sure that will make you feel much better.

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