Monday, July 21, 2008

Snazzy Senior Portraits

I was in Utah last week and I had so much fun doing so many different photo shoots (more photos to come). One of them was a spur of the moment (literally) photo shoot of this awesome gal. She lives in Switzerland with her fam and her mom mentioned they hadn't even thought about getting her Senior pictures done since they lived over there. THANKFULLY--we were able to spend a few minutes "posing" oh-so-fabulously during an outdoor get-together.

LOVED this gal. She said she was thinking about being a photographer when she grows up.
Hello my new friend!

Love the earrings!! *SIGH*--to be 17 again.....


Sarah in the Middle said...

Wow - They turned out great! Oh to have met you when I was 17 and needed senior pictures!

J said...

I LOVE your photos. The shots of your friend that is expecting are great! I love the one in the road with her laughing. And this girl from Switzerland. That is a cool story!


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