Sunday, June 15, 2008

Big Brown Eyes

I decided to give this one a different black and white look. I call it "hot fudgy".
Look at those big brown eyes. I'm totally melting over here:)

Adoring parents are always so fun to watch:) Sharon found me on mamasource and I am so glad she did! She told me that she spent an insane amount of money on her son's 1st birthday cake (she used the woman who did her wedding cake) --but that it turned out so fabulous that she would do it again in a second. This tells me three things about her:
1) making a party fabulous is worth every penny, 2) there is nothing too good for her son and
3) she is just like me.
I love her already:)

This is what he did when his mama and dad asked him how big he stink'n cute.

Thank you for such a great shoot and Happy Father's Day!

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