Friday, May 30, 2008

God's gift from above

(wrapped in frilly bows and love!)

So I just have to talk about how this picture came about. I was making my bed and thinking about Gabrielle and how although I loved the pictures I took of her the other day, I wanted something more.

As I plopped my pillows on my bed--it hit me. "Paper and my bed sheets!" I thought.
I called Sarah--left a message--texted her--and then laid on my bed waiting in anticipation until she called me back. It was an excruciating 10 minutes. I told her to please drop everything she was doing and come to my house right now. She arrived quickly and I proceeded to take these pictures with Gabby laying on my sheets facing a piece of funky paper from the papersource taped to my wall. I just love how they turned out:)

Is it wrong of me to love this picture? :)

Isn't she just gorgeous? I love how most of her pictures are with her pacifier--because that's who she is right now--and we love every single part!

and from the other day...

Thanks Sarah, for letting me act on my silly impulsiveness!

1 comment:

Hillybug said...

For my next baby I have to have this last picture with him or her inserted-same pose, same long flowy blanket-love it, love it, love it!


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